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Criminal Law

The first thing to understand if you are a suspect in a criminal investigation is that you have rights and you do not have to assist in the investigation.  In other words, keep your mouth shut! Invariably, it is the defendant's own statements to law enforcement officers that result in his or her conviction.  I could not tell you how many times I have heard a criminal defendant say, "I did not say that" or  "I didn't mean it that way."  Please understand that an investigator  believes you are guilty of the crime.  That is why they want to talk to you.  You cannot change an officer's mind. You cannot talk your way out of it.

Don't talk to them   Call BL Now:   @ 800.482.5297 (office) 276.698.7655 (cell) or contact bl@conwayattorneys.com.   Tell the nice Officer I want my attorney or to talk to BL. The interrogation must stop at that point because you are asserting your Constitutional Rights to an attorney and your right to remain silent. 

Now, you can expect that the officers will not like you asserting your rights. In addition, they have been trained in interrogation, i.e., good cop, bad cop. Therefore, if they threaten you if you do not cooperate at that very moment, you should say: "I want my attorney." Likewise, if they promise to protect you, you should say: "I want my attorney." You need to understand that they will say anything or threaten anything (and they usually do) to get a statement or confession out of you.

Don't talk to them. Call BL Now @ 800.482.5297 (office) 276.698.7655 (cell).   Let us speak for you.  We will make the deal for immunity, for example, before you speak.  Don't Compromise Your Defense.  Demand you rights and get Conway Law involved.  Call us Now! 

We have been practicing criminal law for over twenty (20) years in Virginia and Tennessee.    We have excellent relationship with the prosecuting Attorneys and Courts throught S.W. Virgina and E. Tennessee.  We are ready to assist you Now.  Just call 800.482.5297 (4VA-LAWS) or contact bl@conwayattorneys.com to speak directly to an Attorney right Now. 


The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law. See Terms of Use.

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