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Charged with DUI in Virgina or Tennessee?

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, Drunk Driving or DWI, you are in serious trouble. These charges are not taken lightly in Virginia or Tennessee, and the penalties are severe, indeed draconian. You are facing jail time, license suspension, expensive fines, community service and mandated treatment programs.  Virginia Law now requires ignition interlock on Your vehicle upon a First Conviction. 

It is vital that you contact and experienced DUI Attorney immediately after your arrest. Your DUI defense starts now! We have been defending DUI and DWI cases for over twenty years.  We will Assert and protect your rights.

Our object is to win your case. Call us now at 800.482.5297 or e mail us at  bart@conwayattorneys.com.  We look forward to serving you. 

DUI Defense in Virginia or Tennessee:  The legislatures have seen fit to impose mandatory minimum sentences and escalation of punishment for DUI, Drunk Driving and DWI regardless of circumstances. Many of thee defenses to a DUI charge are based upon the Constitution and Statutory Requirements.  Yes, there is a presumption of intoxication at .08 BAC, but it can be overcome. 

Remember,  You do not have to testify against your self.  Simply tell the Officer politely that you want your Attorney.  The interrogation is suppose to stop.  This is not to say that you should not cooperate with the Officers. Do so, but assert your rights and call us to protect them.  Remember you are a suspect. You cannot talk your way out of a DUI charge.

We at Conway Law have been defending DUI and Drunk Driving charges for over twenty years.   We know the defenses both Constitutional and Technical. We also know how to minimize the penalties if you are found guilty. We enjoy a fantastic relationship with the Courts and Prosecuting Attorneys in Virginia and Tennessee.  Call Bart @800.842.5297 to discuss strategy for your case or contact bart@conwayattorneys.com.

Update 4/1/2012:   Virginia has passed a mandatory ignition interlock upon conviction for firsttime offenders at .08 BAC begining July 1, 2012.   You are going to need bl.

Update 4/15/12:  irginia Supreme Court upheld the DUI conviction of a Latino in Alexandria, who had pulled off the road and cut off his ignition, such that car was not running and the lights were off. Mr Enriquez certainly was not driving or operating the motor vehicle as he had fallen asleep and had to be awakened by the officers. Nevertheless, the keys were in the ignition and the radio was on, so the Virginia Supremes concluded that Mr. Enriquez was in control of the vehicle.

Update 4/17/2013: The United States Supreme Court struck down a Missouri statute which allowed the warrantless taking of blood in a DUI Case. See http://blslawblog.blogspot.com/

The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law. See Terms of Use.


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