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Small Claims Cases

Do not be afraid to call us if You have a small claim for personal injury or property damage. We love to try cases. We have streamlined our procedures in these Courts. Our Trial Lawyers Associations ( VTLA and TTLA) have been active in the legislators working on Your behalf. We have got passed legislation changing the law to ensure that folks with small claims get fully and fairly compensated for their losses. Specifically, we can now file claims up to $15,000.00 in Southwest Virginia Courts and East Tennessee Courts which can no longer be removed. We also got the legislator to change the law to allow the use of affidavits. This gives us YOU the injured party a tremendous advantage. It allows us to avoid having to go take costly depositions which in the past made Small Claims cost prohibitive.

Now, Small Claims are cost effective, as the Court knows the law and that it must return an award for the medical expenses incurred and your pain, suffering and inconvenience resulting from the Defendant's negligence. These Small Claims are now handled quickly and cost effectively. The insurance companies know this. The insurance companies also know that it will incur litigation expense and that it will be ordered to pay the claim. Therefore many Small Claims settle for a reasonable amount as the burden and cost of litigation have now been placed back where it belongs: on the party who caused the motor vehicle crash and their insurance company.

Moreover, We the trial lawyers and the VTLA got passed further incentives to protect You and ensure Your full recovery. First, we have prohibited subrogation by insurance companies in Virginia. This means that You the injured party get to use Your health insurance to pay Your medical bills. You then get to tender those same bills to your Medical Payment Coverage provider for a double recovery. You then You get to assert those same bills against the party that caused the motor vehicle crash and his/her insurance company for a triple recovery. Pretty Cool, huh? We trial lawyers and our associations work hard for You against the powerful insurance companies and their lobby to make sure that You the injured are fully compensated for Your loss. You paid the premiums. You should get the benefit of the coverage.

In addition, we trial lawyers and our associations got passed legislation requiring the Insurance Companies to pay you double damages and your attorneys fees if it fails to act in good faith by promptly adjusting a property damage claim where liability is reasonably clear. In addition we fought to ensure that You are entitled to recover the full retail value of your vehicle from the carrier of the person causing the motor vehicle crash, if it is totaled and that you get depreciation in addition to the cost of repair where the vehicle is reparable. You are also entitled to a rental vehicle of the same kind and quality for a reasonable time to accomplish the repairs or obtain a new vehicle.

So, if an insurance company is jerking You around, remember You have rights and there are procedures to obtain full and fair compensation for Your loss, be it small or large. We practice regularly in the Small Claims Courts in the following areas, Virginia:  Abingdon, Bristol, Lebanon, Marion, Wytheville, Tazewell, Wise, Grundy, Hillsville, Jonesville, Bland, Grundy, Pulaski, Bluefield, Roanoke, Christiansburg, Radford & Blacksburg  OR Tennessee: Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport, Greenville, Morristown, Sevierville & Knoxville OR Anywhere in between.

Therefore, if You are injured or Your property is damaged do not be intimidated by the Insurance Company and its adjustor. Just gives us a call. We love to try cases and we would be happy to present Your Small Claim. We have done very well in these cases. As a matter of fact, once the insurance company learns you mean business and will take them to trial, their attitude often changes. Therefore, please call us at 1.800.482.5297, or e-mail me at bl@conwayattorneys.com.

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